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I'M aeroguard

Hello there.

I'm a multipurpose drone for agriculture, logistics, surveillance, and more!

Drone Solaku.png

Core Features

13 hours flight hours

or a KL to London flight.
The drones are designed to stay in the air for extended periods, with a flight time of up to 13 hours*. This allows them to cover more ground and complete more missions in a single flight.


500kg payload capacity

or one Mini Cooper.
The drones have the ability to carry up to 500kg of payload. This allows them to carry a variety of sensors, cameras, and other payloads, depending on the application.



because of its modular nature. It can be customized to be help with surveillance, smart city solutions, fire-fighting and more.

Drone Applications


Border Surveillance

 It offers aerial surveillance, quick response capabilities, and intelligence gathering. By capturing images and videos of illicit activities, it also raises public awareness. This proactive approach aids law enforcement agencies in detecting and deterring illegal immigration, as well as disrupting human trafficking operations.

Smart City Solutions

Our technology has versatile urban applications: from urban planning and safety monitoring to environmental oversight, infrastructure maintenance, and efficient delivery services. It captures aerial images, supports fire safety measures, monitors infrastructure, aids in remote deliveries, and enhances traffic management.


Rapid Medical assistance

Our capabilities extend to delivering urgent medical aid, transporting transplant organs, offering medical aid in disaster-stricken regions, and executing search and rescue missions. These efforts are crucial in saving lives, particularly in remote or inaccessible locations where timely action is paramount.

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